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Friday, February 21, 2014

MEMORIES OF DAD’S FARM The South Hero Historical Society welcomes Rod Larrow, Ray Allen, and Tim Maxham, who will share memories of growing up on the farm. They will meet at 7:00 p.m. Friday, March 7th at Folsom Ed. Center. Each of them comes from multi-generations of farmers. Descended from Ira Allen, at least four generations of Allens have farmed the Allenholm Farm on South Street. Presently we think of it as an orchard with some berries and vegetables, but at one time it was also a dairy, selling individual bottles of milk. The former Larrow farm is now owned by Ron and Celia Hackett. Rod’s Grandfather owned a farm about two miles down the road, also on South Street. As a teenager one of Rod’s chores was to hoe the bean field. At that time beans were an important side crop, and also provided jobs for workers in the bean factory. One year he was called on to substitute for the milkman. Early in the morning he trucked around So. Hero, pulling cans dripping cold water out of coolers. He gained an up close and personal appreciation for the farms of South Hero. Tim Maxham family farmed what is now Good Hope Farm (formerly Contentment Farm) There are stories of other farm families gathering on Saturday nights to dance in the kitchen. The Maxhams then moved to Enosburg where they operated a large farm. When his father, Ivan, developed an illness related to his work in the barn, they moved back to So Hero where his father worked on the Allen farm. They had a sugar house in the back yard. They and the neighbors tapped the maples on South Street. For a number of years South Street enjoyed the sweet smell of maple during the month of March. The SHHS has delighted in the large crowds, children and adults, members and non-members who have attended our meetings. It is a joy to see the enthusiasm that natives and newcomers experience in these meetings. This meeting promises to be another jam packed with interesting stories. Please join us.

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  1. Hi, I saw this photo in the Islander identified as the Larrow farm. I think it is actually a photo of the Tracy Farm taken by one of the Tracy "boys" @ 1905. They grew beans... in that field (where I grow daylilies now). The train is running along what is now rte 2 with the creek and Robinson's point in the background.