Folsom School 3-4 Faces and Places Website

The students in Dr. Robinson's 3-4 Team, along with their library media specialist, Mrs. Sharon Hayes, have created a website all about South Hero history after interviewing townsfolk. Click here to learn about some buildings in town and the famous families that lived there in the past.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Old White Meeting House video 3.1.13

On March 1st we were delighted to be treated to some South Hero history through the lives of residents or former residents who went to the Old White Meeting House when it was a 5-8 school before the current Folsom School was built in 1949. Thanks go to former students Malcolm Allen, Guy Winch, Fay Chamberlain, Rod Larrow and to historians Paige Brownell (4th grader) and Bret Corbin and to Granny's Attic representative Judy Duval.

Click here to be linked to the two videos