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The students in Dr. Robinson's 3-4 Team, along with their library media specialist, Mrs. Sharon Hayes, have created a website all about South Hero history after interviewing townsfolk. Click here to learn about some buildings in town and the famous families that lived there in the past.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

History of Tracy Road

Hobart Tracy, Malcolm Allen, Ruby Buermann Willis, John Roy, Sr.
Gloria Dewea on the right
Dr. Buermann House
Official Record that Robert Allen was postmaster of South Hero appointed by Pres. Herbert Hoover
Dr. Buermann examining Michael Wright, Mother Harriet to the right, Nurse Ruby McKewen
Ruby Buermann and Janie Fowler
Nancy, Eleanor (Mom), and Baby Sally Buermann
Nancy and Dr. Buermann
Where train tracks were
Bernard Roy's House
Cecile and Mike Gove's House (old Creamery in the back)
Dewea House
Dr. Buermann's House/Old Post Office
Tracy House Tracy Tavern in the Past
Tracy house and creamery on the left
North down Tracy rd
Tracy Land, Tracy Round Barn and Tracy Woods
Tressler's then Fowler's IGA
Lemon Lilly Farm
Site Of Train station Fiske Fifield's house
Wire Factory Dr. Buermann on the left
Hobart Tracy, Terry Robinson, John Roy

Sunday, November 12, 2017

SHHS PRESENTS: True Ghost Stories to Believe In! Oct. 27, 2017

Get your spook on and come join us for a Halloween Event featuring true stories of "ghostly interventions and happenings" here and abroad. Recalling ghostly events was Erin Crowley Charles and Allison Crowley DeMag. Also local residents Bret Corbin and Paige Brownell. If you want to see the video, you better beware! The audience agreed the stories made their hair curl!

9.1.17--A Kayaker's Guide to Lake Champlain with Cathy Frank and Margy Holden

What a wonderful evening taking a dry kayaking trip around the lake and our islands. Cathy Frank and Margy Holden took two years to circumnavigate the entire lake and at times they got wet. They shared their exciting and sometimes harrowing episodes along with lake history, geology, and geography. They also have a book that has listed many wonderful kayaking trips for you to take including maps and directions called "A Paddler's Guide to the Champlain Valley."