Folsom School 3-4 Faces and Places Website

The students in Dr. Robinson's 3-4 Team, along with their library media specialist, Mrs. Sharon Hayes, have created a website all about South Hero history after interviewing townsfolk. Click here to learn about some buildings in town and the famous families that lived there in the past.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Life and Times of Col. Horatio Nelson Jackson with Mary Louis Blanchard

An auto trip across country is a daunting thing. Imagine doing it in 1902 when cars were less than reliable and roads were few and varied. Listen to the life and times of the accomplished Col. H. Nelson Jackson as presented by his granddaughter, Mary, who spent many summers on "The Point" which is located in South Hero across from Providence Island which is now called Phelps Point. The Jacksons also owned the sandy beach part of Crescent Bay and the red farmhouse which currently houses the Crescent Bay Bed 'N Breakfast and is owned by David and Julie Lane today.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tales From the South Hero INN--Ruth Gregg, Chris Allard and Guy Winch

We were delighted to a wonderful program with pictures and the history of the Inn by Chris Allard and stories of running the Inn in the 60's by Ruth Gregg and personal stories and remembrances of life at that time by Guy Winch. A big thank you to you all for sharing! It was wonderful. Click on the video below to hear the whole presentation.