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Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Keeler Bay Incident-Friday, July 7th, 2017--Featuring Paul Laud

SHHS Proudly presents:The Keeler Bay Incident A big thank you to Paul Laud for his amazing presentation on the Keeler Bay Incident. We learned that in August of 1907, the Governor's wife nearly drowned in a tragic boating accident that took the life of a Burlington man attempting to rescue her. The extraordinary drama began on board the Chateaugay (the fastest steamer on Lake Champlain when built) which had cruised into the bay for a picnic reception at a camp on Kibbe Point.
The story, reported on the front pages of The Burlington Daily Free Press and The New York Times included elected dignitaries, The Vermont Association of Boston, The Ladies Aid Society of South Hero, Sherman's Band, Colonel Snyder's Camp and a mohair dress. Come hear Paul Laud describe details of the event, how this long lost story was rediscovered, and its extraordinary connections to the US Secretary of War, the studios of Louis Comfort Tiffany and the Sandbar Bridge.

Mrs. Procter and the Procter lineage showing their prominence in Vermont Politics at the time.
The Incident ship [Chateaugay] and its later twin [Ticonderoga at Shelburne Museum], a typical paddle wheel and launch of the era and a future life.

The news coverage of the Incident

Various images of post incident life and "where are they now" stuff.

Special thanks to our speaker and the History Aficionados that keep the SHHS viable.