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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Friday, Sept. 6th at 7PM at Folsom School--Two Historic Campgrounds

Two Historic Campgrounds Featured by So. Hero Historical Society Friday, Sept. 6th at seven o’clock at Folsom Ed. Center the So Hero Historical Society will reminisce about Skyland and Lakeside Campgrounds. Both at one time offered campers delicious communal dinners. Both hosted campers who returned season after season and now have become residents of South Hero. Priscilla Norton Arnold, third generation owner/manager of Skyland will share stories of Skyland, which was purchased by her grandparents, William and Mable Norton in l927. Many of us have fond memories of her father, our local doctor, whom we would see every day at eight o’clock as he drove up South Street to make his rounds. He was one of the last to make house calls. Skyland no longer serves meals, but it does have rustic cabins, RV campsites, as well as tent sites. Priscilla and her husband, Jack Arnold have managed the popular campground for several years. Lakeside was managed by the Giffords for many years. Although it is no longer operated as a campground it holds many happy memories by many former campers , such as Sandy Gregg, who will share stories and photos. Both the Nortons and the Giffords were not only business people, but also active in the community as a whole. Participating in church, plays, masons, and many other community activities. All are welcome to share our memories of an important part of our community. Email if you have any questions.

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