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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Historical Society Meeting—Friday, March 1, 2013

The Old White Meeting House is the building on Route 2 in South Hero which houses Granny's Attic upstairs and is the garage for the Fire Dept. downstairs. It started out in 1861 as the first church in town. It was a high school from 1900-1911 and was a grades 5-8 school for many years until Folsom was built in 1949.

Some people in town went to school there and they would love to share stories they remember. We are very pleased to present historians Paige Brownell and Bret Corbin, alums Fay Chamberlain, Rod Larrow, Malcolm Allen, and Guy Winch as well as Granny's Attic officer, Judy Duvall in a panel discussion of the history of life in South Hero as it relates to Granny's Attic, the Fire Dept., and the Old White Meeting House.

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