Dr. Robinson's 3-4 classroom blog from 2012-2016

The students in Dr. Robinson's 3-4 Team studied South Hero History for 6 years and took many field trips around town.
Click on this link to see where the students went around town and what townsfolk they met along the way.


At the end of 2018 Lake Champlain Access Television [LCATV] started filming our presentations. Their output is 2 to 4 times sharper than the videos I was putting up. That means it takes a little longer to get the video to start. [The reason I reduced the quality level of my videos.] Their production is different than mine and you will notice that immediately.
When you click on a video, it starts to load. It will take about 30 seconds [an eternity when you are waiting] to start playing. The speakers will start to sound and the video will look like it is not running for about 23 seconds. LCATV puts up an identification POSTER for those 23 seconds. Don't be alarmed, it is running if you can hear the sound.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

SHHS PRESENTS: True Ghost Stories to Believe In! Oct. 27, 2017

Get your spook on and come join us for a Halloween Event featuring true stories of "ghostly interventions and happenings" here and abroad. Recalling ghostly events was Erin Crowley Charles and Allison Crowley DeMag. Also local residents Bret Corbin and Paige Brownell. If you want to see the video, you better beware! The audience agreed the stories made their hair curl!

9.1.17--A Kayaker's Guide to Lake Champlain with Cathy Frank and Margy Holden

What a wonderful evening taking a dry kayaking trip around the lake and our islands. Cathy Frank and Margy Holden took two years to circumnavigate the entire lake and at times they got wet. They shared their exciting and sometimes harrowing episodes along with lake history, geology, and geography. They also have a book that has listed many wonderful kayaking trips for you to take including maps and directions called "A Paddler's Guide to the Champlain Valley."

Friday, September 1, 2017

South Hero Class of 53-54

On August 4, 2017, The South Hero Historical Society presented seven members of the Folsom School 8th grade classes of 1953 and 1954 sharing memories from their school days together. They started first grade at the Hill Road School and continued together through 8th grade at the new Folsom School which was built in 1949. These eight classmates have stayed close friends for at least 70 years and have fun stories to share showing how school was different and similar in the past. Some of you young ones may be shocked or pleasantly surprised at what you learn.
We are proud to present Nancy Buerman Bassett, Judy McBride Duval, Joyce Frechette Fifield,Hazel Robinson Quelch, Sarah Robinson Wakefield from the class of ‘54 and Robert McBride, and David Fifield from the class of ‘53. John Roy, Sr. also graduated with this class, but was unable to attend.
Hazel Robinson Quelch and Sarah Robinson Buerman
Back Row Hazel Robinson Quelch, Judy McBride Duval, Sarah Robinson, Shirley Buxton, Sandy Patnode Front Nancy Buermann, Joyce Frechette, Gloria, Lilian Wescott, Eva Frechette (4H Leader)
From left to right--Bob mcBride, Sarah Robinson Wakefield, Judy McBride Duval, Nancy Buermann Bassett, Hazel Robinson Quelch, Joyce Frechette Fifield, David Fifield Mr. and Mrs. Folsom
John Roy, Sr.