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The students in Dr. Robinson's 3-4 Team studied South Hero History for 6 years and took many field trips around town.
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At the end of 2018 Lake Champlain Access Television [LCATV] started filming our presentations. Their output is 2 to 4 times sharper than the videos I was putting up. That means it takes a little longer to get the video to start. [The reason I reduced the quality level of my videos.] Their production is different than mine and you will notice that immediately.
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

SHHS Proudly presented: Doug Tudhope and Baseball in the Islands!! Friday, June 10, 2016 at 7PM at Folsom School in Julie Pidgeon’s Room
We were so excited to have Doug Tudhope talking about the history of baseball in South Hero and Grand Isle County. Baseball was one of the most popular pastimes starting in the early 1900’s and continuing until 1950 when television appeared. One of the ball fields was across the street from the Bullis Farm in Grand Isle. Another was on Hatch Hill across from Kim's Snack Bar. The corner where Seb's is in South Hero was a ball filed. There was one in the back of village of North Hero before Doug's time. Also, in Grand Isle behind the high school. In South Hero there was one on Hill Rd before the Hill Street School was built which is now apartments.
Dr. Branch is located in the middle in the back row. He is Doug Tudhope's Grandfather. He died in 1927 but his family kept his doctor bag next to his office all these years. There's a picture here of the bag.

When Doug played, Mumley and Mitchell also played and they all worked for the railroad in Alburgh at the time. The uniform was brought in by Steve Robinson. It belonged to his Great-Grandfather Carlton Pearl Griswold. His grandfather, Henry Griswold, gave the uniforms to Steve. There is a picture of one of Steve's sons, Patrick or Anthony in the uniform. His comment was that it was very heavy, hot and itchy!

Most of the ball fields have disappeared. See Doug's pictures and hear his stories about the teams and the players by clicking on the video. Also read some newspaper clippings Doug had from early 1900's!

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